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One thing … October 7, 2009

Whanganui Regional Museum

Whanganui Regional Museum

At the end of our Whanganui workshop, here’s what participants said was the one thing they’d do next …

‘Visitor contributions are a ‘next step’ for our website – to keep the website fresh and to target younger audiences and families.’

‘A blog is a very flexible tool.  I think we can generate a spark of interest in staff and our community through a blog – using the blog to gather information, stories and feedback from around the country.’

‘Blogging, enhancing our pages on NZMuseums and social networking – using Facebook to connect with our alumni.’

‘Getting a Twitter account – it’s a natural progression from our new e-newsletter.’

‘I can see how we can strengthen the museum – using social media may appeal to a new wave of volunteers.’

‘I’m going to make a case for the museum to be more visible on the larger website because it contributes to the revenue earned by those other services. Maybe I’ll set up a museum blog to highlight our unique stories.’

Thanks to everyone for sharing their stories and expertise!


4 Responses to “One thing …”

  1. Lynne Sheridan Says:

    Hi Team, I think the word community is really broad in the context we were working in. For small towns the web community is likely to be the entire world/country as our internet uptake is low. Cities or large towns may be able to access their community in this way, at this stage the % of connectivity present in small towns will mean that the net will used to access our museum mainly by people outside our town. Therefore it is an external marketing tool – still a good thing. Regards Lynne

  2. Lynne is right .. but … I think we will find that internet uptake is not as low as might be imagined in smaller communities. Often it is because one resides in a smaller community that “locals” tend to broaden their horizons and social interation via the internet. This to can be across all age groups. It will be fun to see how this develops for our particular product.

  3. Sarah Jones Says:

    In response to a question from Mark about how many people ‘lurk’ and how many contribute to blogs and such, Lucie sent this interesting link – the 90:9:1 rule

    And Jackie Hay, Manager of, provided these stats about Facebook (from

    On Tuesday (the day of our workshop), more than 24% of the total global internet population went to Facebook. It’s the 2nd most visited site after Google, and it’s the 3rd most popular site in NZ (after and The fastest growing audience on Facebook is the over 70s.

  4. Someone at the workshop asked a question about promoting your blog. Here’s a great article to get you started:

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