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Sunshine Gold & Whitebait October 30, 2009

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Come visit Hokitika.  West Coast Historical Museum offers you the opportunity to explore Hokitika’s rich history.  Shipwrecks, pounamu, early settlers, meccano gold dredge model, timber milling, 18 minute audio visual display depicting the early life and times of the hardy gold miners and settlers. See You There!!!!


5 Responses to “Sunshine Gold & Whitebait”

  1. Throw in a whitebait fritter and you’ve got a deal!

  2. ruth vaega Says:

    Lovely to see that all is alive and well in Hokitika! Great course to be on and I think we all may be in danger of learning something!

  3. Michaela Says:

    So Cool! I like this workshop. It give’ s me lots of ideas and so many good inspirations from the group. Looking forward to getting invitations to your first blogs/twitters/facebooks….

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