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Westport social media workshop underway October 30, 2009

It’s a glorious day in Westport! And we’re sitting inside, in the lovely Westport Library, looking at the web 🙂

These are some of the things we’re wanting to find out:

  • How do you separate personal from professional on social media?
  • What are the benefits of social media?
  • How do we get greater visibility for our museums and services?
  • How can we connect with an international audience (who may never be in a position to visit us physically)?
  • How do we get feedback from and connect with our audiences?

4 Responses to “Westport social media workshop underway”

  1. This workshop has been really helpful I have lots of new ideas already:-)

  2. Lucie Says:

    I am looking forward to hearing what you come up with for: How do you separate personal from professional on social media? That is something I struggle with. Have fun!

  3. Sarah Jones Says:

    At the workshop, we’ve been looking at creating a ‘page’ on Facebook (a business or organisation account), rather than a personal account. This means you don’t get status updates from your fans, and the Facebook page maintains a professional focus as a result. This is a great feature of Facebook (but it’s a bit hidden on the sign up page!)

    On twitter, you could have two accounts – an organisational one and a personal one.

    It’s tricky!

  4. Lucie Says:

    Thanks, Sarah. How personal should you be on the organisational one? You have to keep the brand and museum’s reputation in tact, but you don’t want to bore people with marketing talk.

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