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Social media – free web marketing November 2, 2009

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Does your business or community group have minimal funds?
Do you want a web presence?
Get signed up to Twitter or Facebook and you now have a web presence.

It will only cost you your time, and it can be updated daily.

Facebook has been a brilliant marketing tool for us,  it keeps our followers up to date and they provide us with positive feedback.

Sherri Murphy, Shantytown


2 Responses to “Social media – free web marketing”

  1. I did take a short while to ‘get up and running’ after the Whanganui workshop ( thanks Sarah ) but the National Army Museum, Waiouru facebook and blog is now live on
    Check us out and see if you can help with the mystery artifact .

  2. Sarah Jones Says:

    Hi Kevin,

    Hey thanks for posting about your new blog and facebook page – they both look fantastic. I hope you get great results 🙂


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