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A blog to go with a series of workshops for museums on social media

Workshop links October 4, 2009

Workshop presentation

A copy of Sarah’s presentation in PDF format can be downloaded from slideshare


Nina Simon on Museum 2.0 blog – flow chart and four approaches to blogging

Blogger help – Promoting your blog

Social media strategy

Experienceology blog – videos from a conference on social media strategies for museums

Vicki Allpress-Hill on Lively (NZLive blog) – Getting started with e-marketing

Lively (NZLive blog) – Seven deadly sins of email marketing

Katya’s Non-profit marketing blog

Janet Fouts – Do you need a corporate social media policy?

US Air Force – Rules of Engagement for Blogging

Idealware – Power from the people: assessing the new online participatory tools for your organisation

Measuring outcomes

Google Analytics

Vicki Allpress-Hill on Lively (NZLive blog) – Made to measure

TechSoup – Measure your website’s success

Seb Chan on Fresh + New(er) blog – Towards an ROI measure of museum blogging

Professional networks



RSS aggregators – NetvibesPageflakes

See the blog roll on this blog

CommonCraft videos

Blogs in plain english

Online photo sharing in plain english

Social media in plain english

Social networking in plain english

RSS in plain english

Twitter in plain english

Wikis in plain english


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